Graduation Mug

Graduation Mug
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Congratulations Grad!!!  This fun graduation mug is designed with a variety of positive, upbeat messages wishing your graduate.... "Finals are Over", "The Sky is the Limit", "Turn that Tassel", "You Totally Rock", "Finally, Whew", "Jubilation", "Success", "This is just the Beginning", "Well Done", and more! 

This gift is intended to include a gift card. Please call 480-993-4387 to select if you want a gift card and the amount of the gift card from one of the following: Target, Kohls, Auto Zone, Barnes and Noble, or Best Buy. The total price will be adjusted to include the gift card you select and the shipping/delivery charge. 

The gift comes in a matching box and is decorated with a colorful bow and decorative pick that reads, "Congratulations Grad". This gift will be appreciated and bring a smile too!

Call us at 480-993-4387 if you want candy or snack item added for additional cost. 

13 oz. mug

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