Joy to the World Gift Basket

Joy to the World Gift Basket
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Here are the reviews on this gorgeous upscale holiday gift basket: " Unbelievably beautiful, So many wonderful gourmet items, What a grand surprise when I needed something to make me happy, This is the most amazing gift basket I ever received!!!" NOTE: Due to cost of wicker baskets from China, we are now using a gold tray gift container which is a more updated look as well. 

When it is important to send an extra special gift to say "thank you for your business", Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, or "you are the best",  this grand gift basket definitely has the WOW factor. For any event or occasion that deserves recognition or appreciation, this gift basket will make a lasting impression and bring smiles to the recipient!  For gifts other than holiday, the caramels are included but in a gold gift bag. 
Contents include the following:  Vanilla crispy cream filled wafers, gourmet cranberry white chocolate cookies, Wolfgang Puck coffee, chocolate dipped almond biscottis, French Mint truffles, brie cheese spread, rosemary and olive oil artisan crackers, caramel popcorn, turkey sausage, amazing Turkish apricots, gourmet snack mix in classy gift bag, Guirardelli chocolates, light and yummy lemon chia cookies, chia latte mixes and cocoa mixes, Angelinas sweet butter cookies, decadent  Old English Toffee, Mexican lime jalapeno stuffed olives, roasted pistachios, salsa almonds, and the creamiest Vande Walles caramels!
This impressive, BIG, gorgeous gift basket is designed to please every recipient!! 
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